Aswan: Food, Felucca and Sunset

Most of the people will stay in Aswan just for one night because of the early morning trip to Abu Simbel. I’m glad to spend 2 nights in Aswan, this place turn out to be one of my favorites in Egypt.

Food – Makka restaurant. We had been returning to the same family restaurant for 2 consecutive days. That consider uncommon, I’ve always try to avoid the same restaurant as there were plenty out there. But the Egyptian food served at this place is fantastic with reasonable price. Try the stuffed pigeon ( yes, the bird appear in your mind now). They served main course with complementary dishes.

Felucca – A Felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat. We had been approached by many people standing just right in front of the hotel for a felucca ride, but we decided to stand on the pier to hire the boat directly. It happen to be a wise decision as the cost was only $6 for an hour for the entire Felucca. We had a great time on the boat. The boatmen are Nubians, they are friendly and chatty.

Sunset – Aswan is the best place to enjoy spectacular sunset view. Just head to any cafe, restaurant or piers along River Nile. If you have more budget, hire a Felucca for sunset ride.


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