More in Cairo


We started the day by running up and down stairs looking for breakfast. After 15 minutes, more guest joining us and we all wondering if the owner had run away.

The funny part was one of the guy followed us was supposed to prepare breakfast, but he couldn’t speak in English and he wasn’t able to ask why everyone running up and down.

After a good exercise and simple breakfast, we followed our guide Khaled ( +20 111 195 5266) and started our private tour to Giza Pyramid Complex, Old Cairo and Khan el-Khalili street market.

In most of my trip, I preferred to wander around without joining tour or having guide. However, Cairo is a crazy and messy place, many sellers will approach you for a ride with camel, horse, donkey or selling souvenirs like thousand bees aiming on one flower. Another reason was to gain the basic knowledge and understanding of Egyptian history and culture. This helped for the remaining trips  as we had been on our own most of the time after Cairo. The most memorable key words were crazy horse and crazy camel, it has a different definition in Egypt.



Egyptian normally take heavy breakfast in early morning and late lunch at 3PM. As non Egyptian, we had a light lunch at 12PM followed by coffee and shisha at local store, and more snacks and local food through out the day.  The tour was relaxing, enjoyable and educational, with lots of silly jokes and quotes.

Khaled asked if we felt unsafe in Egypt, we told him not at all. The information or news published online didn’t reflect the actual condition in Egypt. In general, Egypt is safe to travel and Egyptians are friendly. Just beware of the taxi driver and seller. Always have small notes on hand. Do not follow anyone who told you about the secret of Egypt. Dare to say no to others or anything that make you uncomfortable.


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