My first day in Cairo


Egypt –  the country I’ve always wanted to explore since I was a kid.

The trip started with a big surprise when the airport staff informed us that our names had been listed on the upgrade list for flight from Qatar to Cairo. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get the free upgrade, it did keep us excited for a good few hours.

Our flight arrived Cairo around 9pm. Everything went well as planned – our driver was there at the moment we stepped out from airport,  the journey took approximately one hour to arrive the guesthouse that overlooking the pyramid site.

I’ve heard lots of scams and price marking up stories online. The first of many just started from this guesthouse. The owner was trying to offer us a ‘big meal’ consist of a set of roasted chicken with fries at USD 8, we politely said no, the price dropped to USD 5 in seconds. After settled down with luggage, we went out to get food and water. We found a local restaurant which is just a few steps away offered the same ‘big meal’ at USD 3.

The next day morning, a European guy who stayed at the same guesthouse told us he paid USD 13 for that big meal. In Egypt, one can bargain for a discount for anything – food, services, souvenirs, etc. Literally everything.


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